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There is a fire within us that does not want us to miss our lives.

This fire can become an intensity of presence which allows us to look at ourselves without any filters. An awareness which our beloved sages across the earth and the ages have pointed us toward as being our ultimate nature and reality. 

The Gurdjieff Sacred Movements and Dances are considered sacred because they remind us, continuously, efficiently, and uncompromisingly of that nature - awareness. 

Video courtesy of Amiyo Devienne. 

The structure of these movements are created in such a way that by practicing them we fully engage our mind, our body, and our feeling, thus uniting our being. These are our three centers and it is the foundation for self-remembering and self-observation within the scope of the Fourth Way teaching as taught by George I. Gurdjieff. Continuously, these movements keep us honest, in front of ourselves, and asking from us our totality. 
Gurdjieff Movements group in Istanbul

By using rhythm, vibration, geometry, and a group formation, they follow certain laws which have 3 basic functions:
          - Gather the force of our attention
          - Unit
e the different and often divided                           parts of our being
          - Break our mechanical and automatic                         patterns. 

      The Movements have an intelligent design.


İlkgün Amitabha Jan

The movements themselves are a powerful tool for developing self-awareness, mindfulness, and inner balance. I have experienced moments of profound stillness, clarity, and connection to something greater than myself.

More Testimonials


Elif Özkoç

Ananda's calm but very focused and non-judgemental presence is a medicine itself. Plus he is very experienced with the movements. I felt so energized, centered, clear and grounded after the workshop


Billur Kurt

Working on self-remembering through Gurdieff Dances within the safe limits of Ananda's open heart provides a very valuable space to meet with the vibrations we need in today's World. By gathering my attention every time, it balances all centers and creates awareness of my individuality in unity, contributing to the internalization of ancient knowledge by experiencing it.

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