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Ananda Zambrano - Gurdjieff Movements group leader

Ananda has been an Osho sannyasin and a student of the Gurdjieff Movements since 2013 under the tutelage of his teachers Amiyo Devienne and Chetan Greenberg. Amiyo’s teacher was Avrom Altman from the J.G. Bennet lineage of Gurdjieff disciples. Ananda has been teaching the Movements around the world since 2018.

His journey with Gurdjieff's teachings started with Osho, and much of the way he leads groups is informed by Osho’s methods, wisdom, and understanding of meditation. Since 2018 he is a student of post-Daoist and mythopoetics master Zhenevere Sophia Dao, under whom he became a qigong and Daoist sexuality practitioner and teacher. 

His passion lies in the sincerity, simplicity and intelligence of the body where the immanence and transcendence of dance can take place.

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