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The Gurdjieff Movements are a Dance of Awareness

Dance is a synchronization of time and space - within this method, we use dance explicitly to be here and now. The mind exists because there is time and space. Time and space exist because of the mind. If, through rhythm, sound, and movement we can remain here and now, then we will experience peace and stillness in the mind. Likewise, if we use the mind to watch our own vibrations and sensations, then we we bring peace and stillness to the body and emotions. 


 This is a way that dance can be spiritually beneficial. 

Gurdjieff Movements demonstration in Munich 2017

We can find perfect stillness in movement. Actually, many of us were born to know ourselves in movement, to know stability within motion.

Photo courtesy of Amiyo Devienne. 

If the faculty of the mind is able to operate without obstruction –  meaning we are not taken by thoughts and emotions, or outside circumstances, then awareness can turn in on itself and reach to its source - our Being-ness. This creates a unity not only within the being but with its environment. There is harmony. Because there is awareness. 

Gurdjieff Movements class at Osho Festival Turkey

We must remember that the Gurdjieff Movements are a tool, they are a medicine with a specific design and purpose. Life is our bigger dance and we all have our own unique and true dance.


By using the Movements to learn the science of vibration, then we can discern energy and fine-tune our own frequency by which we become available to higher influences.  And that is the enveloping wisdom around this practice tradition. 

When I speak of our own unique and true dance, I don’t mean this in a sentimental, figurative, or idealistic way; I mean it quite literally. When our mind is synchronized with time and space, and we are One united whole without distraction, a dance can be born within us which is spontaneous  and pure grace.


A dance coming not from our minds, nor from what we know, or from the normal creativity we cultivate - it is a dance that is inspired from the sacred, the very origins of movement -  vibration. This vibration is described in Vedic scriptures as the Brahman Shabda - the sound which is the source of creation. Vibration is both the source of sound and movement, which ultimately creates matter. 

What this means is that the study of vibrations within ourselves is one possible path towards knowing ourselves, what is real, and ultimately the source of all manifestation. 

Gurdjieff Movements
Gurdjieff Movements make us aware of patterns



George I. Gurdjieff created the Movements and Sacred Dances as one of his methods for awakening his disciples to the reality of Being. The larger context of his teachings are now known as the Fourth Way. For more information on the Movements and Gurdjieff's teachings visit this page.

Osho was a enlightened Indian mystic, who's irreverent, sincere, and life-affirming approach to spirituality, traditional wisdom, and meditation is a true antidote to the seriousness, calcification, and self-righteousness that plagues most religions and many spiritual traditions. Osho's influence in the Dance of Awareness are his teachings on meditation, centeredness, dance, and spontaneity.  

If Gurdjieff is the Yang of our practice, Osho is our Yin. 

George I. Gurdjieff and the Enneagram

Our workshops and retreats consist of

- Sensation-based active and sitting meditations

- Partner and group exercises structured for self-inquiry

- Preparatory exercises for the Movements

- A lineage based teaching of the Gurdjieff Movements and Sacred Dances

- Fourth Way teachings

- Group exchange

- Latihan practice and other practices based on movement, vibration, and rhythm

Group love at Osho Festival Turkey
Self Inquiry within Gurdjieff Movements group
Gurdjieff Movements meditation in Istanbul
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